HOTDAWG GUIDE SERVICE is a premier fishing service on Bull Shoals Lake and White River. If first class fishing is what you want in North Arkansas Ozarks then book a float trip for Trout; Rainbow, German Browns, Cutthroat and Brook. If Bass; Smallmouth, Kentucky, Largemouth, White, Striped or if Catfish or Walleye is your preferred catch then HOTDAWG GUIDE SERVICE is your one-stop fish-catching service. Fly-fishing is available upon request. Located near the Bull Shoals Dam, Crooked Creek, Buffalo River, Bull Shoals Caverns, Mountain Village, Ozarks Tower, and golf courses. So bring your rods, reels, clubs, swim suits, boats and come enjoy the Midwest's finest fishing and boating. ---Tim "HOTDAWG" Curtis

Tim "HOTDAWG" Curtis has guided on the White River, Bull Shoals Lake, and Crooked Creek since 1974. He has been featured in numerous fishing magazines and newspapers such as Outdoor Life, The In-Fisherman, Twin Lakes Outdoors, Outdoor World, Fishing Facts, Dakota Country Magazine, Tulsa World, Fox Valley News and the Diversion Magazine, to mention a few.

Entrance to the angling world occurred rather early in his life. Those earliest years in the sport were invested on the right end of the rods, open faced reels loaded with 6 lb. monofilament lines and rigs consisting of bobbers, sinkers, snap swivels and snelled hooks loaded with night crawlers or red worms.  Ol' "HOTDAWG" has guided on the White since he was 16 years old, which is a long time considering he graduated from college two years ahead of Moses. All kidding aside, Tim has been at the game since 1974 with over forty years experience and knows every inch of the river and how to fish for her trophy rainbows and browns in every sort of water and weather conditions.

There are maybe a dozen guides left on the White River with that much experience with the White River. I started at the age of 16, on my birthday as a matter of fact. That customer still comes to fish every Spring with me. There are no weather or water conditions from 9 degrees below 0 to 117 degrees, rain, sleet, snow, cold or heat that I haven't fished and I still love it. From dead low water conditions to 8 generators with 17 flood gates open up 2 foot each, I have fished it all! I have been on 14 day camp trips or just 2 hour sight seeing trips even fishing at night, I know the first 60 miles of the river like the back of my hand. I can fish any weather or water condition that mother nature or the corps of engineers throw at me.

We go catching not fishing. So if you want to go with one of the best, most experienced, most  knowledgeable guide on the white river book a trip with us! We can handle 1 to 40 people. If you choose our deluxe trip I will pull up on to the shore and cook your lunch which consists of trout you have caught, french-fries, baked beans, hushpuppies and cookies for desert.

I have been guiding on Bull Shoals Lake since 1974. My specialties are Bass, White, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Kentucky, Striped, Walleye, Catfish and Bream. I fish out of a bass boat and use both artificial and live bait. Whatever is working the best unless you just want to use one or the other. Unlike other guides I fish 8 hours or more on the water and if the bite is better in the morning or late afternoon I will adjust my fishing to get you into the most and best fishing. That can even include split days of 3 to 4 hours early in the morning, come in and then 3 to 4 hours in the evening to after dark. Come fish with the "HOTDAWG" and you won't be disappointed! We can handle from 1 to 40 people.

As any fisherman or guide will tell you... big fish don't get big by being DUMB. Big fish are wary, cagey, shy, and tend to be loners. You have to be patient, patient, patient just to get a chance to catch a big one. But with that and an experienced guide like myself it happens a lot more often than just the average. It helps if you can give me at least 2 days fishing to get you into a 2-6 pound fish. Every year I manage to catch at least 1-5 fish over 30 inches long out of the river and several 4-10 pound bass, walleye, and catfish out of the lake. Timing is key for each species. Monday through Thursday is the least crowded on the lake and river. Friday through Sunday is the busiest and harder to catch trophy fish but it can still be done. The lake is best in spring and fall. So come catching with me. Tim "HOTDAWG" Curtis!!

Tim is a member of Arkansas Outfitters and Guides Association.


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